Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pack list: Life-sustaining supplies

Yukon Cornelius got by on cornmeal, gunpowder, hamhocks and guitar-strings (remember?), but for me it's going to be trail mix, tuna fish, pasta sides and peanut butter.

The Knorr pasta and rice packets are pretty good: you can get them for about a dollar apiece and, even though they aren't advertised as cook-in-the-bag, the aluminumized (?) plastic coating inside the packets allows you to do just that-just add boiling water. Combine that with a little tuna (or chicken, which you can get in the same type of envelope-style package) and Tabasco and you've got a meal!

I'm also taking tea-bag style coffee singles for the morning...I'm not psyched about it, but I'll definitely need the caffeine and my espresso maker (seriously) is too bulky and too fussy to deal with when I'll be trying to get up and out on the trail.

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