Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hiawassee, Georgia

So I busted my butt yesterday, so I could have a short walk and then a ride into town while the weather was bad, which it still is. The little town of Hiawassee, where everyone is very friendly to hikers (which is good, because the town is heaving with us all fleeing the sleet and 30 knot winds on the trail) is where we landed; I'll be back at it early tomorrow morning.

The picture (which didn't really come out) is very typical of the views from all the mountain tops here in north Georgia: wave after wave of rolling, pine-covered, dark green, greyish blue hills. It's beautiful, and so far the hiking has been great. I don't have any blisters, I haven't gotten too wet or cold yet (this morning was pretty nasty, though..), and everyone I've met has been great.

I apologize about the posts from my phone. For some reason, I can't post photos or use capital letters or any punctuation except periods, so if I seem a little less than excited about my adventure, it's just my lack of understanding the technology I'm trying to use..!


  1. Great start Rick! Looks the showers will subside tomorrow and you'll have some sunshine to take a walk into North Carolina.

  2. Take care and try to stay warm. When I was a Scout we used to say "Hiking is like sex, if it hurts then you're doing it wrong."

  3. no blisters on day 4 - check. any other result at this stage would be travesty.
    happy fellow thru-hikers on day 4 - most xlent. maybe they'll share their brownies.
    so - time to start easing into the deep philosophical meaning of life discussion and do some naval gazing, mister!

    (BTW after all those years of Luddite rantings about FB and technology, you didn't think Big Brother would forget, did you?)