Friday, May 10, 2013

Blue sky...finally!

We had a day and a half of sunshine and warmth! Of course, right now there's a thundershower going by, but it shouldn't last long.

I had been considering swapping my Cresta boots for something lighter because everybody I've been hiking with has lighter shoes (some guys are just wearing running shoes), but I was the only one I know who made it through the seven days of rain with dry feet...and everyone else has had or is still having problems with blisters and other foot/ankle problems...I guess I'll stick with the heavier boots!

I saw my first bear on the trail early yesterday morning when I was leaving the shelter! It was up on a ridge above the trail and I coughed or made a noise and startled it (otherwise I probably would have walked by and missed it) and it turned and ran away.  I suppose I should starting hanging my food bag in a tree at night again...!

1 comment:

  1. Hang food bag = train like you fight the Shenandoahs guessing more free range bears than free range privys :o

    Plus from afar (very afar) it looks like you're wasting away to nought. Praps dual prong, protect existing food and consume more?