Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The trail carried me back to Ole Virginny!

I made it back to Virginia and I'm spending the night in Damascus, home of Trail Days later in the month.

I hiked 454 miles in April, which puts my daily mileage right at 15, which I'm pretty happy with-especially for the first month.


  1. Rick Buddy,
    Looking good Bro. Nice fuzz coming up, should cut down on bug bites, and when it fills in, you'll be able to keep snacks in it. When do you expect to hit the Shenandoa?


  2. IF only someone could invent a faster way to travel...perhaps with wheels or wings...good luck, Rick!

  3. Rick,

    You're doing awesome. I like the hat too. Just so you know, Caps won last night against the Rangers (game 1) --> 3-1. They are looking good! Keep it up!