Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Major Calamity in the White Mountains!!!

I broke my smartphone. Seriously, it's the worse thing that's happened on the trail so far; I can't even tell what time it is...okay, I guess it doesn't really qualify as a 'calamity'.  I can't post stuff and I'm just sick about the pictures I've lost, though, because...

The 4000-footers I've done so far in the Whites, Moosilauke and Kinsman (South and North peaks) have been absolute stunners. The weather has been perfect, the views have been amazing (and I had Moosilauke all to myself!); the whole thing has reminded me why I thought hiking the AT would be a good idea in the first was getting a little fuzzy there in Connecticut...not that there's anything wrong with Connecticut, of course. I've seen two moose, one on each big mountain! It's been incredible and I'm sorry I can't share the pictures. I bought a little digital camera for the hills coming up; you will just have to be patient!

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  1. Hi Rick, oh I am sorry about your phone!!
    I wonder where U are on the trail on some nice days and the rainy days with the big rains here.
    So I hope you have a good day today, it is overcast, rain coming tomorrow.
    Have been kayaking, love the Digdeguash R. no motor boats. Would love to see your pics at the end of your long trek. Love & Best wishes, Aunt Barb