Saturday, July 13, 2013

Trail Angels and the Dartmouth Outing Club

I didn't mention it in the last post, but I put in a long day to cross the state line yesterday. I didn't get into Hanover until after 6 pm. Luckily for me and my fellow hikers, Hanover (and her sister city Norwich, VT) have a network, coordinated by the Dartmouth Outing Club, of trail angels that host hikers in their homes.

My trail angel picked me up, let me take a shower and wash my hiking clothes, stayed up late to feed me a four course meal with an appetizer, salad, main course and dessert, and got up the next day to fix me pancakes (with real maple syrup!) and eggs, coffee and orange juice! It was an amazing experience!

To think that people would open their homes and take in, not just complete strangers, but completely dirty, sweaty, muddy, smelly strangers is pretty humbling, and it's a reminder that, even though hiking the AT takes a lot of individual effort, there is absolutely no way that you could do it all by yourself. So, thank you, trail angel!

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