Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's look at the numbers!

Just because we can.

Number of trail miles hiked: 2195

(this is derived from this year's AWOL Guide and includes the approach trail from Amicalola Falls State Park, but doesn't include all the side trails to shelters, water sources, privies, etc. which probably add up to a pretty big number!  It's still approximate, though, because the trail length is constantly changing as volunteers work throughout the year to maintain, improve, and, in some cases, relocate the trail. The ATC will only say that the trail is "roughly 2180 miles".)

Number of days to complete: 138

Miles hiked per day (overall average): 15.9

Most miles hiked in a single day: 30  (in Pennsylvania, near the halfway marker, so I could do the "Half-gallon Ice Cream Challenge for supper instead of lunch)

Least miles hiked in a single day: 2.5 (in Massachusetts, between two towns on a rainy day)

Number of days on which I hiked zero miles: 1 (in Stratton, ME, where I introduced  "Smokey and the Bandit" to the young guys I'd been hiking with and ate all day to regain weight)

My weight when I started the hike: 180

My weight through most of the hike: 150 (the same as when I was 18 during Plebe Summer at the Naval Academy)

My weight when I rolled into Stratton: 143 (yikes)

My current weight, two days after the hiking stopped: 156 (and going up!)

Number of days on which I hiked 5 miles or less: a bunch. (I have to go back and check to get the actual number) 

Number of days on which I couldn't hike because of illness or injury: 0 (I was pretty lucky here; no Noro-virus which EVERYBODY else seemed to have come down with, no giardia, no Lyme least, as far as I know, not even a cold)

Number of hikers that I met that got giardia: 1 

Number of hikers that I met that got Lyme disease: 2

Number of hikers that I met that got bit on the nose by a skunk while in their tent at night: 1 (Really. Those ultra-light tarp tents with no bottoms are nice, but nothing is perfect...) 

Number of north-bound hikers that went through Harpers Ferry ahead of me: 274

Number of north-bound hikers that registered at Katahdin Stream ranger station ahead of me: 139

The folks at the ATC said that 2013 has been a record year for the number of people starting thru-hikes and probably will be for the number of thru-hikers dropping off. We'll have to wait until October to see how accurate that prediction will be. 


  1. AND

    Number of EOOW/EWS seminars monitored: 0
    Number of critiques attended: 0
    Number of CCARS items approved: 0

    I'd call it a huge success!