Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gear Review: The Clothes

So I told everyone I hiked with that I was going to burn my yellow Navy shirt when I got home...I haven't done it yet. 

I really expected the shirt to not last very long (it's just an old synthetic PT shirt made by New Balance), but it is definitely a hacker. I wore it constantly, literally 24 hours a day on the trail. On days it didn't rain, I would dunk it in a stream once or twice and wear it dry to stay cool.

The shorts are from North Face, and they're hackers, too. They have a mesh liner that's comfortable (though it would bunch up while I was walking sometimes...TMI?) and the pockets were all deep and secure.

The blue puffy is synthetic, I got it for a ridiculously low price at one of the Bean outlets in Maine. It was perfect to wear around the shelter at night, but it was way too hot to hike in, even when it was really cold out.

I had three pairs of socks in rotation while I was hiking. They were all different thicknesses, and so they all made my feet feel different. By the time I got to New Hampshire, it didn't seem to matter; my feet just hurt pretty much all the time all over. (I didn't have any blisters, but I did have heavy calluses that would burn while I was walking.) The socks in the picture were pretty unique, thin wool with a silk liner sewed into the outer sock. Again, these are apparently indestructable. I wish I knew the brand, but I don't. I bought them in the UK way back in 2001, and they're still going strong.

I used a red bandana as a handkerchief. The gloves are thin biking gloves that I used a lot last April and May, and then finally on my trip up Katahdin, which made me glad they were in the bottom of my bag all summer! 


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