Sunday, September 8, 2013

Return to Monson

My sister and I took a ride over to Monson, so I could buy a T-shirt at Shaw's and hopefully meet up with some of the people that I had met on the trail.

We just missed Chin Music, who hiked out that morning. We met and talked with a few section hikers, but the only thru-hiker we saw was the guy that is semi-famous up here (or maybe infamous is better) for stumbling into the wrong house and falling asleep on their couch after a big night at a bar. was even hosting a hiker feed yesterday, but they didn't have much business; there were only two section hikers there both times we stopped by. I was really surprised, I thought Monson be over-run with thru-hikers this weekend.

We drove over to Greenville, which was hosting their International Seaplane Fly-in. That was pretty cool; the downtown area by Moosehead Lake was packed and float planes were flying all over the place!

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