Friday, October 4, 2013

Gear Review: Miscellaneous Junk at the Bottom of the Pack

This is all the rest of the stuff that I carried with me all the way to Maine. Some of it I used daily; some of it only rarely, but I was glad to have it when I looked for it; some of it I was surprised to see just now! Don't ask me why I had three different kinds of lip balm, because I will never be able answer that will have to remain a mystery of the trail. All the other oinments and unguents shown were useful in certain times and situations, but how many flavors of Chapstick does one hiker need?

I used the Swiss Army knife a bunch, but the big fishing knife only once that I remember...and not as a knife, but as a lever to pry something apart.

Anyhow, that does it for the gear review, I hope some of you found it semi-useful. And it pretty much does it for the blog, as well, at least for the time being. I have a few more pictures to sort through and post, and I'll use the blog to help promote the book that I'm currently writing, but until that's ready, this is the end of the trail, so to speak.  Thank you all again for your interest in the blog and your support of the hike, I couldn't have done it with you! 

Happy Trails!

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