Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My first stop on the (job) Application Trail: Hudson Trail Outfitters!

I scored a part-time job working at Hudson Trail Outfitters at Pentagon Row! 
It's excellent; I get to talk about outdoor gear to customers, and I get to take advantage of the employee  discounts! It's Win/Win! 


  1. Rick,
    You look like a 'new' man. I was getting used to the grizzly Euel Gibbons look. Ciao


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  3. Hey Draggin Fly! This is Flash Gordon. Miles to Go and I have been looking for you via the world wide web and found your blog here. Congrats on the job; it sounds awesome! Perfect for a thru-hiker.

    We'd love to send you a little something in the mail before the holidays if we could get your mailing address! My email is lindsey.cait.gordon@gmail.com

    What's the next adventure?

    Flash Gordon