Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pack list: Sleep system

So Willie and I went out for a 4-mile practice hike this morning, and it felt fine, so I just need to keep putting miles in to keep my feet toughened up!

I'm not taking a tent; I hope to spend most of my nights in a shelter. I've cut back to a light-weight tarp (I think it's 10 by 12, it's the green rolled-up thing), the old (ok, really old) emergency blanket that I use as a ground cloth for my tent, and a bug-screen bivy from OR.

I really hate bugs at night and it skeeves me out to think about mice crawling on me in the shelters, so I think the bug bivy will be worth it. I've tried it a few times; the first time was up in Maine last summer when the bugs were really thick. I found out that if I don't stake down the top end, then the screen won't stay off my face (I woke up from that first night with a ton of mosquito bites on my forehead), but if I do stake it, then it works great.

The other items pictured are just a bunch of little bungee cords for the tarp (I can make a pup-tent, a lanai, a lean-to, or just blow off the cords and do the "burrito") and a Therma-Rest sleeping pad. I had a really, really old foam pad that Willie chewed up for me this past week, so this will be new.    

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