Saturday, March 30, 2013

hiker number 733!

we arrived at amicalola falls state park this afternoon.  the weather was great until 7 pm and  then it started raining...just as we were roasting our hotdogs on the fire. its supposed to rain until 5 am tomorrow so im  planning to start tomorrow.  im posting this from my phone btw  and its not optimal...


  1. Do you already have your trail name picked out or are you gong to take your chances on what the other thru-hikers choose for you?

    Looks like the rain will clear up for your start tomorrow!

  2. I believe your 'trail' name is determined by using the first name of your first pet, followed by the name of the street you first lived on. Good Luck Rick. Let us know when you reach the Virginia State Line, maybe we can make a supply drop for you