Thursday, March 28, 2013

One last update before I start walking...

So I was in Maine the past couple of days and I added a couple of things to my pack list. I went to the Bean's outlet in Bangor - even though I swore I wouldn't since I knew I had everything I needed - and found an all-silk, long-sleeve undershirt for $15. It's zero weight, warm/cool, and quick-drying, which will be perfect for at least the first month. (It's a little bit see-through, so I have to be careful...I don't want to create pandemonium amongst the lady hikers! Right.)

The second thing I added is a Garmin 60 CSx handheld GPS receiver that my mom's friend lent to me. I'm not too big on gadgets, generally, but it's small and I was able to download the entire AT to it as a track file and all the shelters as waypoints, so that's pretty cool. I'll probably end up using it a lot.

I drove up through the White Mountains (following a snowplow a good part of the way...isn't it spring yet?) and they look pretty intimidating from the car, I can't imagine how they're going to look from the trail! 


  1. This is amazing Rick! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to having you in Maine later this Summer

  2. Good luck Rick! I was just down backpacking for a couple of nights in the foothills NC foothills east of the Smokies. There's still a little snow at the higher altitudes, but beautiful and sunny winter views. Have a great start on Monday!