Friday, April 12, 2013

fontana dam gateway to smokies

we were in a great shelter last night for the massive thunder and lightning storm.  i had  just climbed back up 3400 ft out of nantahala outdoor center where i got my first resupply box  north carolina has been a lot tougher than more uppity and downs way more depressing...spring has finally started though..trees popping up...beatiful...trail maintenance is different half mile section was packed solid with wind blown trees across the trail..whoever the hike club guy who owns that section needs to get his drunk butt off the couch..turn off espn and get out there with his chainsaw...

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  1. Just started reading this. You are doing great and it is very inspirational. I am already trying to find some time where I will be able to do it one day. Hopefully I am in as good health as you are.