Friday, May 17, 2013

Monster Mileage! The Blue Ridge Parkway and more May Flowers

I logged my biggest day so far yesterday: 28 miles!  I wanted to do 25, but the shelter I was hoping to stop at didn't have any water source, and I was out, so I had to do 3 more miles down to a little river to get water. (And, yes, I'm treating my water now!) I got to soak my feet in the river, so the 3 extra miles were worth it!

This part of the AT runs along, and frequently crosses, the Blue Ridge Parkway..I think I'm at about the 75 mile mark or so now. 

I took some more pictures of the flowers that are out along the trail now. I don't really know their names; that was my dad's thing...I think the one with the skinny petals is called Fire Pink. The only one I'm pretty sure of is the rhododendren, though I'm not sure about the spelling!  These are the first blossoms I've seen, but the bushes are everywhere along the trail, and the leaves are perfect for dripping water down your back when its raining!

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  1. Top Lady Slipper Orchid
    Third Pinkster
    Last Cranesbill