Monday, July 1, 2013

1500 Miles...and Welcome to Massachusetts

I hit the 1500 mile mark on the way to the Mass state line. That kinda feels like a big number. I've learned a lot about myself as a hiker over those miles, mainly what I can take and when I can take it. I've figured out that, as much as I worried about the cold, I don't hike too well in the heat. And, even though my boots are pretty well broken in, if I hike over 20 miles in a day, I know my feet are going to hurt.

The scenery in Mass is starting to look similar to Maine.  In Mass the trail goes back up over 3000 feet; it hasn't been that high since Virginia.

I'm staying at the Upper Goose Pond Cabin tonight, which is owned by the park service and run by volunteers. The swim I took when I got here felt so good I almost forgot how bad the bugs were today!

Update:  the caretaker made us breakfast!  Here's a picture of Knightrider enjoying his pancakes.