Tuesday, June 11, 2013


"It's like someone using a tablesaw in my tent."  That's how one hiker described the hum of the cicadas at night.  I've got a feeling they haven't even warmed up yet. They've been loud at times, but I bet it's gonna get crazier before we're done with the once-every-seventeen-year celebration! One of the pictures is of the husks of the form they take to pop out of the ground (on Mountain Laurels, I think), the other is of one that hit me in the head as the last act of its weirdly prolonged life.

The other picture is of one of the orange salamanders I saw this morning after last night's hard rain. The little guys don't move very fast, so I hope they didn't all get stepped on!

I'm officially less than 999 miles from Katahdin now!  There's light at the end of the "Green Tunnel"...unless that's an oncoming train bringing another load of freshly-sharpened rocks to Pennsylvania!

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  1. Welcome to PA Rick. Where will you be Saturday the 15th? Bob da COB.