Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Doyle Hotel

Duncannon, near Harrisburg, is a hiker town. The trail goes right down High Street before it crosses the Susquehanna. The Doyle Hotel is likewise a hiker hotel. 25 bucks gets you a room in the Doyle, a hotel built in 1905 that used to cater to only the wealthiest train passengers arriving in town, now just a place only a hiker could love. The beer was cold and the food was good, though, and the owners Pat and Vickey treated us all like royalty!  The place had character and, like most everything associated with the AT, plenty of characters!

Tonight I'm camping out...no cold beer, just plenty of tuna!

Update:  It started raining at 4:30 this morning...good thing I put my tarp up!  I hiked 11 miles to Rausch Gap shelter. Its still raining so I'm probably staying for the night!

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