Sunday, June 16, 2013

Delaware Water Gap ... and Happy Father's Day!

I'm done with Pennsylvania!  I'm afraid my strongest memories of hiking the Trail in Pennsylvania will be the 3 R's:  Rocks, Rain, and "wheRe the heck did the trail disappear to this time?!"

That's a little unfair...there were lots of easy-walking sections and plenty of nice days. And I only have myself to blame for not paying attention and getting off the trail. (Of course, even when the trail was well-marked, it wasn't always easy to follow!)

I'll also remember how friendly the people are in PA, too. We hikers know we're not very easy to love...muddy, scruffy and smelly as we are...but it's really nice to meet so many people that are helpful when we're tired, cold/wet, hungry, and usually slightly lost walking into a new town. Thanks, Pennsylvania!  I'll remember the folks and try to forget the rocks!

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  1. Happy fathers day back atcha.
    Doing the RV trip through Utah / AZ -you continue to motivate and inspire me.